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Chinese Herbal Medicine To Boost Fertility

Chinese herbal medicines have long been used for the treatment of infertility and focuses on helping the body self-correct by improving the function and health of the reproductive organs as well as the entire system.

Clinical studies conducted in China indicate that about 70% of all cases of infertility (male and female) treated with Chinese herbs resulted in pregnancy or restored fertility. Success rates range from about 50% to over 90% depending on types of infertility treated and the particular study.

Chinese herbs are rarely taken as single herbs, but are rather prescribed as balanced, targeted formulas to resolve underlying causes of infertility.

Herbal medicine can increase fertility by

  • increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs

  • helps improve embryo implantation

  • balancing the endocrine system.

  • regulate menstrual cycle

  • support ovulation dysfunction

  • reducing inflammation

  • reducing stress

Chinese herbal medicine can also help with:

  • amenhorrea

  • decreased ovarian reserve

  • endometriosis

  • irregular periods

  • low libido

  • menopause

  • PMS

  • recurrent misscarriage

  • uterine fibroids

  • unexplained fertility

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